DIVE WORLD 360 was set up by a group of enthusiastic people who strive to bring quality service and a wholesome diving experience to our customers. The sea turtle has long been known to represent longevity and immortality; it is also known to stand for the great mother earth. Similarly our logo the sea turtle symbolizes the passion and will that is never dying. The top of the shell of the turtle signifies the three hundred and sixty degrees balance in every aspect of our business. The base of the shell symbolizes all the staff and divers of DIVE WORLD 360. Only with the support of our customers and staff as the foundation of the company, that we can build, run and grow the company. The four limbs of the turtle symbolizes the four key aspects of DIVE WORLD 360; Education, Service, Safety and Growth. The tail of the turtle is a reminder of the past experiences that we as a dive company have gone through. It reminds us of what has been done well and what we need to take note of and improve in order to enhance the experience of our customers. The head shows the onward looking of the company. We want to move forward, upgrade and adapt ourselves to the changing needs of our customers and society. We constantly keep ourselves up to date so that customers get the best that is available. As a whole DIVE WORLD 360 and its staff hopes that everyone who dives with us are left with a long lasting and memorable experience!

Why Choose us

We have our own boat
VELA, our own reliable 20 metre dive boat built in Mersing, Malaysia. She is licensed to carry 40 passengers and crew that comes fully equipped with GPS, compass, marine radio, life jackets, life raft, 100% Oxygen and medical first aid kit. She is also equipped with her own compressor to ensure clean quality air for diving. The twin 298 HP outboards offers a smooth and comfortable ride that will take you to the dive sites faster. This means you spend more time in the water enjoying the magnificent underwater world!

6 students to 1 instructor (+1 assistant)
O2 tank + medical first aid onboard
Attached toilet with heater
Wifi (only in tioman resort)

Friendly Staff
Our ever-friendly / helpful / fun staff will go all out to make your dive trips memorable and fun!
Customise your Tioman Dive Trip
If you have a big group, we can customise your dive trip to cater to your needs!
Eg – underwater photography dive trip only
– going to JUARA (the other side of Tioman Island)
– company retreat (discover scuba, snorkelling trip, team building)

Overseas Trips
Let us plan your overseas dive trip!
Just tell us where you want to go and your budget. We will try to arrange the rest!