The island of Batam is the largest city in Riau Island province. Riau Island province has around 3200 islands with its capital at Tanjung Pinang, south of Bintan Island. It is made up of Riau Archipelago (principal core group of islands in the Riau Island province), Tudjuh Archipelago and the Lingga Archipelago.
The Riau Archipelago is the principal core group of islands located south of Singapore in the Riau Island province. The main islands are Batam, Rempang, Galang, Bintan, Combol, Kundur, and Karimun.
The Tudjuh Archipelago is a large group of islands in northwestern Indonesia, off the west and northwest coast of the island of Borneo in the South China Sea. It consists of four main island groups, the Badas Islands, the Tambelan Islands, the Natuna Islands, and the Anambas Islands.
The Lingga Archipelago, south of the main Riau Archipelago, along both sides of the equator consists of Lingga, Singkep, Sebangka, Bakung, Selayar, Posik, Serak, Lalang, Temiang, Mesawak, Petong, Abang Besar.
Batam and Bintan is being separated by the Riau Strait. The island of Batam is located south of Singapore, west of Bintan Island, north of Rempang and east of Bulan Island. The island has a land mass of 715 km² with the populations of 1.15 million. The local governmental offices are in Batam Centre. The largest community on the island is Nagoya. Other residential areas include Baloi Garden, Sekupang, Nongsapura (Nongsa), Waterfront City (Teluk Senimba), Batu Ampar and Jodoh.
Being a tropical country, the average temperatures is between 26-32°C. Humidity ranges from 73% to 96%. The wet season is from November to April and dry season from May to October with an average annual rainfall of 2,600 mm.

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